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K-9 Handler Considerations

K-9 BuzzWant to be a Search and Rescue K-9 Handler?
The decision to become a Search and Rescue K-9 Handler is a difficult one. That's a fact. Are you in the middle of such a decision? If you are, there isn't any single article able to stand alone to help you decide. The only answer is a combination of research and experience.

Learn about K-9 Search and Rescue

If you are interested in learning more about K-9 Search and Rescue, we highly recommend the on-line independent study class offered by Working K-9 Handler Academy to get a solid overview of this work. This class covers the different types of search dogs, what is expected of professional canine search and rescue volunteers, what traits and qualities are necessary for a successful canine partner, as well as time and financial considerations.

If you are interested in learning more about K-9 SAR, we welcome guests to attend a training.  This is really one of the better ways to get a sense for what this work involves, the type of dog that is best suited for this work, and if this is something you really want to pursue.  To attend a training session, please contact Sergeant Brehm

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