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Preparedness and Administration Branch

The Preparedness and Administration Branch is responsible for the non-response activities of the Agency.  The organization is as follows:

Administration (led by Lt. Thomas Rutherford)

  • Training & Safety (led by Sgt. - vacant)
  • Fleet and Facilities (led by Sgt. Adam Loscar)

Preparedness (led by Lt. - vacant)

Overall responsibilities for this Branch include:

  • Recruitment and personnel related activities
  • Policy Development
  • Quartermaster
  • Fleet administration and maintenance
  • Budget planning for the Operations and Preparedness branches
  • Training plan and administration for the Operations and Preparedness branches
  • Safety Officer role for the agency
  • Long-term and large scale planning
  • Preparedness campaigns
  • During activations, fill the Planning Section Chief and/or Finance/Admin Section Chief roles