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Field Operations Division Membership Information

EMA SealThe McLean County Emergency Management Agency is looking for individuals interested in the field of Emergency Management to join the Field Operations Division. This division offers opportunities to work in conjunction with other public safety professionals in a variety of different emergency and public-service instances while also developing its team members into professional Emergency Management practitioners.

The Operations Team within the Field Operations Division is the primary response arm of the McLean County Emergency Management Agency and, while not responding to an incident, spends its efforts in preparation for emergencies and disasters. The services provided by the Division include: Incident Management, Managed Incident Communications, Severe Storm Operations, Winter Weather Operations, Supplemental Lighting and Power, Mass Casualty Incident Support, and Damage Assessment. The Field Operations Division is commanded by a Lieutenant who oversees the work within the Operations Team. Officers serve as the backbone within the Field Operations Division by performing much of the field-related work associated with the Team’s responsibilities.

Qualified applicants will be those with a serious interest in the field of Emergency Management by continuing to learn the aspects of the discipline and applying them in a professional manner with the McLean County EMA. Prior public safety experience in disciplines such as law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, or honorable service in the United States Armed Forces will make applicants highly competitive. Additionally, applicants with at least a Bachelor’s degree (in any field) or those pursuing such a degree are also highly competitive.

The Operations Team meets during the first, third, and fourth Thursday evening of each month at 6:30 pm for training and event preparation. Additionally, team members are expected to be available for incident activations and public-service events as they occur throughout the year. New team members will be required to complete approximately 140 hours of structured classroom, online, and field training through their Probation and Field Training programs over the course of their first year with the Agency. The 140 hours of training under the Probation and Field Training Programs is in addition to regularly scheduled training courses during Thursday meetings.

Competitive applicants will be invited to meet with Command Staff members to discuss the Operations Team in more detail and to assess the individual’s ability to successfully fit into the team and perform the expectations of the position. Qualified applicants must undergo and pass a thorough background check and must swear an oath before being designated as a Probationary Officer. Only those candidates deemed competitive through the entire application process will be extended an offer to join the Operations Team within the Field Operations Division.


Field Operations Division Membership Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of submitting application
  • Hold a valid Illinois driver’s license (driving record will be thoroughly reviewed as part of the applicant’s background check)
  • Have no felony charges or convictions or specific misdemeanor convictions
  • Be able to perform the essential functions of the Field Operations Division with or without a reasonable accommodation


Membership Information


If you have questions or would like to begin the membership process, contact:

The McLean County EMA does not discriminate based on race, sex, color, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, military/veteran status, or disability.