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McLean County EMA Fleet Vehicles and Trailers

EMA 900 - The Unified Command Post (UCP) is a 42-foot long, 8-foot wide Freightliner van body propelled by a 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engine mated to a 6-speed Allison automatic transmission. It houses a conference room and communications center as its two central features. The vehicle is self-sustaining, meaning that it can run off its own power source and operate without any hard-wired connectivity for up to 36-hours. It contains a satellite dish that provides internet and television access, cellular phone connectivity, an array of VHF, UHF, low band, and STARCOM 21 radios, and office supplies.

EMA 900



EMA 901

EMA 901 - The Ford F-550 is a relatively new addition the fleet. Its primary functions include crew transportation, trailer towing, power and lighting (using its on-board generator), and winter weather operations. The vehicle has been outfitted with lighting stands to support metal halide lights for scene lighting and can run additional lights through its outboard power outlets.


EMA 902 and EMA 903 - The Agency owns two 1984 military surplus full size diesel Blazers. The primary functions of the two Blazers include winter weather operations, trailer towing, and crew transportation.

EMA 902



EMA 920


EMA 920 - This unit is a trailer that holds three boats and the associated equipment necessary for their operation and supports the Search and Rescue Team's above-water recovery efforts. The boat motors consist of two 15 horsepower engines and one 25 horsepower engine.


EMA 921 - EMA 921 is the Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) trailer. The trailer holds medical supplies for 100 patients should a mass casualty incident occur. Some of the supplies in the trailer include airway management equipment, trauma kits, backboards, cervical collars, IV kits, triage kits, ALS and BLS bags, and Oxygen tanks.

EMA 921



EMA 922


EMA 922 - This trailer stores the Search and Rescue Team's equipment and supplies and accompanies the team on all search and rescue deployments. Supplies include hydration products, gloves, knee pads, flashlights, compasses, whistles, glasses, flagging tape, and backpacks.

EMA 923 - This unit was recently re-built to include a portable generator and several light stands to which the Operations Team can mount metal halide lights for scene lighting. The generator also provides an alternate source of power for incidents where other means of power are unavailable.

EMA 923



EMA 925


EMA 925 -This unit is a 15kw generator on a towable trailer that provides ample alternative power for a given incident. Additionally, several lighting poles are affixed to the trailer to which metal halide or quartz lights can be affixed for scene lighting. Stand lights can also be setup from this trailer to provide lighting at other locations at a scene.

McLean County EMA Facilities

MAC Base - This facility houses the McLean County EMA's fleet and equipment and serves as the headquarters for the Operations Team.

The building features four 60-feet deep garage bays for vehicles and equipment owned by the McLean County EMA or stored on-site through a mutual aid agreement.

A large conference room is located at the center of the building that provides an ideal space for classroom training or staff meetings. The conference room has a whiteboard, television and VCR/DVD player, lockers for EMA staff members, tables and chairs, and a couch.

Offices exist on both sides of the building that have been designed to maximize the operational value of the facility. The Operations Office serves as the central hub during team activations. It has two communications work spaces with a series of mobile radios and a computer system at each as well as a large workspace in the center of the room and whiteboards on two of the office's walls.

The Command Staff Office is utilized by the Operations Team Command Staff (Sergeants and higher ranking officers) as a meeting and work space. It also provides administrative storage for staff files and equipment.

Operations Office
Operations Office Workspace
Command Staff Office
Command Staff Office
MAC Base Conference Room
Conference Room


Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - The McLean County EOC is located at the Law and Justice Center at the edge of downtown Bloomington. The EOC houses the Agency's administrative offices and serves as the central location for managing any incident that causes the site to be activated.

The Director and Deputy Director's offices are located at the EOC as is the Agency Secretary's workspace. Both offices provide ample space for meeting with government officials and members of private industry. The Director and Deputy Director also have communications monitoring equipment in their offices so that they can maintain radio coverage of the County's Emergency Management channel while working on-site.

Located at the back of the main offices is a large conference room that provides an excellent meeting space as well as whiteboards and maps for use during an incident.

The Communications Center features five communications stations with multiple two-way radios at each station. Up to five communicators can operate from the room at any given time. Communicators can talk with practically any agency in McLean County and numerous agencies throughout the state from these work stations. The room also has a large, flat panel television for monitoring breaking news and weather-related issues. It has two computers that provide satellite monitoring and EMNet capabilities.

The Special Incident Response Center is a large room that is utilized by various agency representatives during an incident as a central location for communicating and sharing information. The room is setup with tables and chairs that can be easily configured to meet a given layout need for an incident. Each table location also supports having a telephone placed at its position. Four televisions and a projector screen are located at the front of the room for use in monitoring a situation or the news media.

Communications Room
Communications Center
Special Incident Response Center
Special Incident Response Center
EOC Conference Room
Conference Room


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