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Administration Division

Lieutenant Rutherford Division Commander: Lieutenant Rutherford

The Administration Division consists of critical support functions essential to the volunteer aspects of the agency operating on a day-to-day basis. The division is commanded by a Lieutenant and consists of the following services:

Policy Development
The development of standard operating procedures and protocols occurs within the division in order to guide the work and response activities of staff members.

EMA Staff at ParadeTraining and Safety
Training curricula and records maintenance are administered by the Sergeant of Training and Safety. The Sergeant ensures consistency in agency-based training, oversees the training aspects of the Probation and Field Training Program Policies, secures appropriate instructors for courses, champions professional development, and seeks training opportunities outside of the agency that will benefit staff members. The Sergeant also serves as the agency's safety officer by ensuring that protocols and policies are adhered to and that overall diligence is applied with an eye toward safety by all staff executing their official responsibilities.

Fleet and Facilities
Foundational to the services the agency provides are the assets with which it provides them. The Sergeant of Fleet and Facilities manages the hands-on maintenance and repair of agency assets in order to provide for reliable and safe functionality during training and real-world events. The Sergeant is assisted by a Corporal and other members of the Field Operations Division in executing these responsibilities.

The Administration Division manages equipment associated with each staff member's need to execute his or her official duties. The timely acquisition, distribution, inventorying, tracking, and collection of equipment occurs within the responsibilities of the Quartermaster.

Public Service Event Coordination
McLean County EMA participates in numerous public service events on an annual basis. The Administration Division coordinates securing the appropriate staffing for such events.

Personnel Administration
The Lieutenant of Administration manages staff member personnel files, processes applications for membership, and conducts background and reference checks.

Publications and Online Content Management
The Administration Division is responsible for creating publications for the Agency that include the annual report, informational brochures, announcements, videos, and public information releases. The Division also manages website and social media content.